The Start and the Future

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The Start and the Future

     Limitless is off to a great start!  And it's all thanks to you guys.  Our customers have been absolutely amazing and they have helped us build a solid reputation in our community.  Our next step is to build outside of the community with our clothing line, and again build inside our community with a few more offerings that we know you guys are going to enjoy.

     We asked for questions for the Youtube channel (LimitlessFitCo) and we got them.  We asked for feedback on the material and quality of the clothing and we got it.  This business is built around our passion for helping others achieve anything they set their minds to, and giving them a wearable reminder of the unstoppable being within them.  

     In the future we plan to release many more designs on many different articles of clothing. (Sports bras, leggings, shorts, long sleeves, scoop necks, etc)   We also plan to give back as much as we can.  We have something special planned for Christmas this year, so we've been working on that quietly in the background.  I think it will be a video you guys enjoy.  Moving forward with a growing business is definitely a challenge for both Garett and I, as we are both very busy people and involved in many things at once.  I may find myself scaling back on certain other ventures in my life in order to take on more work for Limitless, because in the end I think Limitless has the potential to change and help many more lives than I can on my own here locally.  

     We are going to begin work on a couple document (PDF) offerings to help jump start your fitness journey and point you in the right direction for those who can't work with us directly.  The power of the internet allows us to do incredible things from great distances, and it brings us closer than ever before.  We would love nothing more than to help the entire planet achieve their goals on a fitness level, as well as beyond that such as their career or relationships.

     I really just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has purchased shirts, and even those of you who haven't yet but support us none the less.  It doesn't go unnoticed.  We are #TeamLimitless and nothing stands in the way of our goals.  Obstacles are a thing of life, and we will crush through them on our way to where we want to be.  

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