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Q & A!

Q. Do you work for them? 
A. I own the company, along with a long time friend of mine Garett. It has been an unimaginable amount of work setting everything up, and it's scary as hell sometimes, but we push forward no matter what.

Q. Are you just trying to sell us stuff?
A. We offer products on that will bring value to your life in one way or another. I cannot in good faith offer something for monetary value that doesn't improve your life in some way. But the products are a bonus. They give us the funds to do the things we want to do for others. Including a very special thing we have planned this Christmas. The main goal of the company is to start a movement of Health and Fitness to our general area and to expand that to outlying areas. We want to help you live the life you want to live. Look the way you want to look. And have the confidence to change any other area of your life as you see fit.

Q. Are you accepting clients? If so what is the pricing?
A. Garett and I are still working out the details on this. We will be accepting clients soon, but as of right now we haven't decided on a structure for tiered/online/in person training.

Q. Who got all of this set up for you?
A. Every single thing to do with Limitless has been done in house by either Garett or I. I am an IT engineer transitioning into a project manager/leadership role in my current career. We set up domains, the website, we negotiated with the suppliers, we arranged for pictures (Who were executed by the very talented photographer Max Zylstra), we do the modeling or arrange for female models, we take stock and inventory, We invest all the money for the company, I code additional changes on the website for reviews/promotions/deal with shipping codes, I set up the online training app, We design the products, We source the products, We work with the supplier on samples and get the end result that we want, we do the promoting, we do the video, we do the editing, we do the research, we do the sales, we do the training, we are working on negotiating with different events to get booths and sponsor athletes, and we are working on countless other things currently that we can't quite speak of yet. We are two extremely ambitious and motivated individuals. Going back to a classic quote "Where there is a will, there is a way"

Q. How do you fit all of this into your life?
A. I work full time. I have a residential PC repair and phone repair company on the side. I take care of Limitless business, as well as training certain individuals at this point. I am also a volunteer firefighter and serve as the treasurer on that same department. I try to balance all of those things with fitting enough time in for family and friends. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I don't sleep. Ever. But that's what Limitless is about.

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