8-8-8-25 Lifting Technique

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8-8-8-25 Lifting Technique

I wanted to take a little time to talk about a training method I used for a good six months and saw great results.  I'm not sure of it's official name but I call it 8-8-8-25 because it involves 3 sets of 8, followed by a 4th set of 25 reps.  I applied this first to my core lifts, so bench, squat, deadlift.  After a couple weeks I applied the same method to all of my lifts and saw even better results.

What happens on your first 3 sets is pretty standard.  You break down the muscle and achieve hypertrophy with the correct weight for 8 reps.  The last set you drop the weight down and play a very different game as you struggle to grind out 25 reps.  You'll find it challenging and rewarding to cap off each exercise this way.  The reason I tacked on that fourth set was to force blood into the muscle.  If you don't have a pump by the time you hit that 4th set, trust me, it will absolutely blow your mind.  

Speaking of your mind, that's what comes into play on that last set.  It's weight that you know you can throw around, but how many of us lifters are used to doing such a high rep count?  It will be unlikely that your muscles are actually giving out, but your brain telling you to stop.  And that's something you have to force through.  We never improve without pushing that limit.  

You'll notice lessened healing times if your nutrition is set up correctly because the blood will force all those nutrients into the exact muscle group that you're currently micro-tearing.  Get out there and try it out!

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